Recent Updates and Roadmap

You have not heard from us for a while but many updates have been happening to Editus. I would like to present some recent Editus features found in v0.9.12.0. I would like to also present a roadmap for future.

Text Color and Alignment


Editus now lets you set text color and text alignment. These buttons can be activated from the Editus Settings menu at the backend.


Here is what the editing toolbar looks like with all the buttons enabled.


Gallery and Aesop Components Using AJAX

Previously, making changes to a Gallery Component required you to save and reload the page. Now using AJAX, galleries update without having you to reload the page. Several other components, such as Parallax and Image, have been updated to use AJAX.


The Video Component still requires reloading the page for updates. This issue is being worked on.


Link Option

An overdue feature that lets you insert a link that opens in a new tab.


Mobile Support

Editus has been updated to support both phones and tablets.

Future Roadmap


Many people have been asking about the requirement for the REST API plugin. The plan was to get rid of this dependency once WordPress introduces built-in REST API support. Unfortunately, WordPress has been delaying this feature since 2015. As of this writing, WordPress is planned to release v4.7 on December 2016 that includes this feature. Once this happens, Editus will be updated to use the built-in WordPress REST API.

While the emphasis has been to improve and fix the core capability of Editus, we will look into better integration and compatibility with 3rd party plugins and themes. It won’t be possible to support 100% of all 3rd party plugins and themes, but I will work toward supporting more popular ones.

Also in the wish list is to support more non Aesop components. There has been a request to be able to add videos without using Aesop Story Engine. Features like this would be worked on going forward.

Feel free to let me know what you think!


Lasso is now Editus

Last month we were served a Cease and Desist from a company called Lassosoft, and we were asked to stop using the name Lasso. We decided to let the community suggest what the new name is, and we’ve finally chosen a new name; Editus.

To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t any computer related software called Editus. In fact the only real reference we found was a band in Costa Rica, and a directory in Luxemburg. With the new name chosen, we set out to rename the software, as well as get a new domain name, and all the things that go along with that.

As bad as it may sound, the process wasn’t that terrible. A simple cloning of our site, the purchase of a new domain name, and SSL certificate all happened within a couple of days. And so here we are!

We’ve pushed out a new version, 0.9.8 which includes renaming the various admin menu items that are using the term Lasso. Unfortunately because we had to switch domain names, this update has to be manual. Updates after 0.9.8, will continue to be automatic, just as the way they were before.

You can log into your account here on the new site, with the same information that you were using with the other domain name. The site is 100% identical,the only difference is the domain name, and a few pages of copy updated with the new name.

We’re terribly sorry for any inconvience this may be causing you as a end-user, but we’ve attempted to make the process as painless as possible for you. Our help email is still the same,, and over the course of the next 10 days we’ll be making the change to forward to this to the new help email address at

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us at, or reach out to us on Twitter!

The Ugly Truth about Trademarks

I’ve been running my own business’ for several years, and in that span of time have launched countless products, all with their own project names. I’ve never given a second thought to it, and will usually run a quick Google search just to make sure there’s nothing else that exists by that name. Apparently we didn’t look hard enough when naming Lasso.

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0.9.6 Release Notes

We just released another significant update to Lasso, bringing us one step closer to the official Version One slated to be released in early Fall. With 0.9.6 we’re introducing an industry first; live revisions.

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The Road to Version One

Lasso was released a little over 90 days ago, and since that time we’ve sold 76 copies for a total of $7,568.15. Nearly every penny has been invested straight back into the plugin, with the remainder applied toward operating expenses.

We consider this a success, and simply means that we’ve gained traction, and will more than likely be around for a while. And, the party is just getting started.

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0.9.5 Release Notes

In this sixth update for Lasso since it’s release, we bring in the ability to search all posts and pages within the posts modal. We also make bring page creation to the front, and much more!

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Lasso 0.9.4 Release Notes

This version of Lasso marks the 5th and biggest update since it’s initial release eight weeks ago. In this update we introduce the ability to set categories and tags, access all posts, create a post from anywhere, and set a featured image all without returning to the WordPress dashboard.

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Ignoring Items to Save

Lasso works by saving the HTML of your post or page. To be more technical, it saves the HTML of the container that has the Article CSS class you have applied in the settings panel within Lasso.

Sometimes extra items are saved into that HTML, like plugins that insert social sharing buttons. In a perfect world, nothing else lives within that post block except your post content. Ideally, those third party items are appended outside of that container.

However, there are some cases where this isn’t possible, so a couple updates back we introduced a feature to allow Lasso to “ignore” these items when it saves the content.

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Progress Report One Month

Since launching one month ago today, we’ve sold 25 copies totaling a hair over $4K. We think this will not only continue, but increase as we gain a better understanding of our users needs and pain points.

We really feel that the next few updates coming to Lasso will take things to a whole new level, and we’re committed to building a tool that negates having to return to admin during your writing workflow.

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Lasso 0.9.2 Release Notes

Today we released a pretty major update to Lasso; the result of several weeks of planning and development. While this update doesn’t bring any new features, you should notice an increase in the saving speed, as we’ve re-written the inside of Lasso to be more efficient.

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