Recent Updates and Roadmap

You have not heard from us for a while but many updates have been happening to Editus. I would like to present some recent Editus features found in v0.9.12.0. I would like to also present a roadmap for future.

Text Color and Alignment


Editus now lets you set text color and text alignment. These buttons can be activated from the Editus Settings menu at the backend.


Here is what the editing toolbar looks like with all the buttons enabled.


Gallery and Aesop Components Using AJAX

Previously, making changes to a Gallery Component required you to save and reload the page. Now using AJAX, galleries update without having you to reload the page. Several other components, such as Parallax and Image, have been updated to use AJAX.


The Video Component still requires reloading the page for updates. This issue is being worked on.


Link Option

An overdue feature that lets you insert a link that opens in a new tab.


Mobile Support

Editus has been updated to support both phones and tablets.

Future Roadmap


Many people have been asking about the requirement for the REST API plugin. The plan was to get rid of this dependency once WordPress introduces built-in REST API support. Unfortunately, WordPress has been delaying this feature since 2015. As of this writing, WordPress is planned to release v4.7 on December 2016 that includes this feature. Once this happens, Editus will be updated to use the built-in WordPress REST API.

While the emphasis has been to improve and fix the core capability of Editus, we will look into better integration and compatibility with 3rd party plugins and themes. It won’t be possible to support 100% of all 3rd party plugins and themes, but I will work toward supporting more popular ones.

Also in the wish list is to support more non Aesop components. There has been a request to be able to add videos without using Aesop Story Engine. Features like this would be worked on going forward.

Feel free to let me know what you think!


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