New Feature 1.3 Editing Excerpt

Editus 1.3 allows you to edit excerpts for each post. To enable this feature, turn this feature on from the Editus settings page:

This will add a new entry to the post settings dialog.

New Feature : Table Creation and Editing

Version 1.2.8 adds an optional feature that lets you insert and edit tables.

You can enable this feature from Editus Settings menu.

Then you can insert a table using the component menu and edit it by right clicking on the table.

Multipage Post Support

Version 1.2 of Editus now supports eiting of multi-page posts.

Option to Remove Format and Gutenberg Update

The version 1.1.9 allows you to use CTRL+SPACE to remove formatting from selected text under the Edit Mode.

Also added some preliminary support for editing posts that already contain Gutenberg blocks. Currently Editus supports editing posts that have Column and Spacer blocks. More blocks will be supported in the future.

NEW Feature: Buttons to Create Lists

Version 1.1 of Editus introduces new features. From the Editus Settings page, you can configure Editus to add Ordered/Unordered (OL/UL) buttons to the toolbar.

To use these buttons, first type texts with one or more paragraphs.
Then select the text and hit either UL or OL button. The paragraphs will be converted to lists.

You can try this new feature at the demo page.

New UI Customization

Editus and the demo has been updated with the new Toolbar UI. The color of the toolbar and the dialogs are now customizable.
wordpress frontend editor

wordpress frontend editor

If you prefer the older UI you can turn this feature off from the settings menu.
wordpress frontend editor

New UI Modes and Embed Features

The new major release ( brings major new features to Editus.

New Embed Functionality

First of all, now the “Insert HTML” button is as versatile as ever. In addition to being able to process shortcodes, now you can insert a URL to embed. The URL can be from Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, among other things.

Here is an example of embedding a Youtube Video by simply copying and pasting the URL.


New, “ Like” UI

And now there are different UI modes you can use. Before, to insert a component, you needed to drag and drop from the toolbar. Now you can insert using a simple click. (from the Editus settings page from the dashboard.) Or you can enable the auto-button feature similar to


With the above option, the component insert button will be auto-generated when you are on an empty paragraph.


Subtitles and Post Dates

The latest version 0.9.17 supports Subtitles plugin ( as well as the subtitles features of the Aesop themes. You can use Editus to edit and save subtitles as well as titles if the WordPress REST API is enabled.

You can also add Post Date option to the Post Settings dialog.


This option can be enabled from the Editus settings menu.

More New Customization Features

The latest version ( support the following customization options have been added:

Working with Advanced Custom Fields
Save Content Filter

Support for 3rd Party shortcodes

Editus v0.9.15.1 allows you to enter shortcodes into the HTML dialog box. This gives you a lot of flexibility in editing posts from the frontend.


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