How to Integrate Editus with Genesis | Part One

Integrating Editus into any existing WordPress theme is easy. In fact the process takes less than five minutes, from start to finish.

In this two part series, we’ll cover how to get Editus integrated into Genesis, as well as how to get Genesis customized to work with Aesop Story Engine and it’s full width components. With Editus, Aesop Story Engine, and Genesis, you have the tools to build incredibly interactive articles without ever leaving the front-end. Let’s dive in!

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Progress Report: 0.9.1

We just released the first update for Lasso. It includes a number of bug fixes, and a new feature as we’ll outline below. In addition to covering what’s new, we’ll be talking about how our first week of sales have gone, and what’s coming up next.

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Now Available

Imagine how many times you go back and forth between the WordPress administration area and the post or page just to make sure it looks good. That quickly adds up. If you preview a post 20 times before publishing, and you blog three days a week, that’s 24 hours a year spent previewing and reviewing. Blog daily? Double that figure.

We can save you that time, and make the process incredibly fun by moving past the post editor completely, and instead editing content directly on the front-end. We can do this using a new, hyper-minimal editor that’s acts as a layer on top of your existing post or page content. No more wasting time previewing the post. Everything happens in real-time, right before your eyes.

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Guaranteed to Save you Time

As we inch closer towards our release on Monday, I wanted to take a few minutes to show you just how much time using Lasso will actually save you in your writing workflow. 

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Text Editor and Story Builder

Lasso was designed to be part text editor, part story builder. A lot of focus was placed on the writing experience of Lasso, as I really feel that everything else (media) is secondary to this.

For that reason, Aesop Story Engine is completely optional, and not required by Lasso in order to work. For those not familiar, Aesop Story Engine is a free plugin that we released back in December of 2013, now approaching close to 25K downloads. The original goal of Lasso (previously coined Aesop Story Editor) was to make Aesop Story Engine easier to use by making things 100% visual. However as development continued, we started to realize that it could do much, much more.

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Built for Developers

Lasso is incredibly extensible for your own clients projects, and by default works on any post, page, or custom post type. Alternatively, by specifying a CSS class of the container where Lasso should work, it means you can use it pretty much anywhere.

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Now Entering the Arena

Humans are a very visual species. We like to see things for what they are, but can also settle or compromise on something that’s perhaps less than what we wanted, or hoped for.

Consider driving a car with no windows. Instead of windows, there’s a small screen that’s connected to a video camera that shows a live feed of the road ahead. Would you have fun driving, while staring at a screen? I think it would probably take the fun out of driving completely, wouldn’t you agree?

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