Guaranteed to Save you Time

As we inch closer towards our release on Monday, I wanted to take a few minutes to show you just how much time using Lasso will actually save you in your writing workflow. 

Let’s consider how many times you use the preview button in WordPress while writing a post. For the sake of this post, let’s say that you preview a post 10 times before it’s published. So in other words, you write, you click preview, you view the post, determine it’s awesome, then return to the post, and start writing again. 

[aesop_image lightbox=”off” captionposition=”left” caption=”Visit our interactive calculator and see for yourself how much time Lasso can save you!” align=”center” imgwidth=”700px” img=””]

We figure this takes about 30 seconds. Although this could easily be up to a minute or more depending on the variables. If you write three times a week, that’s 12 hours a year just in previewing the post.

How does this make you feel? It makes me a little sad, but it makes me happy to know that we have a tool that will save you from that!

To help make this a little bit more visual, we’ve created a cool interactive calculator where you can determine for yourself, just how much time Lasso will save you.

Monday is getting closer, and we’re really excited to finally release this. Are you as excited as we are? Sound off via Twitter using the share button below and let us know!! We’ll be awake until then. :)

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