The Road to Version One

Lasso was released a little over 90 days ago, and since that time we’ve sold 76 copies for a total of $7,568.15. Nearly every penny has been invested straight back into the plugin, with the remainder applied toward operating expenses.

We consider this a success, and simply means that we’ve gained traction, and will more than likely be around for a while. And, the party is just getting started.

Ship fast, ship often

12 updates have been released in the last three months, making an update frequency of at least one a week. Some of these updates were pretty extensive in nature. Lasso started as a minimal editor. No post creation, no ability to access posts, limited theme compatibility, among others. In hindsight, there were no regrets starting off as a completely minimally viable product. 

These last 12 updates are for you, and are the direct result of your feedback, so keep it coming! What started as a minimal editor has transformed into a full-fledged front-end editing framework, with little reason to return to the post editor.

A taste of what’s to come

The last few updates have brought us closer to our goal of never returning to the post editor again. We’ve added the ability to set a featured image, set categories, tags, draft status, and we’re shoring up the last few details to let developers add post meta to Lasso’s settings modal. This means all that post data can be edited on the front-end.

With post meta being shored away, we were ready to move into the last piece of the pie; revisions. With the next update (0.9.6), you can access and restore revisions in real-time.

[aesop_image lightbox=”off” captionposition=”left” caption=”Accessing and restoring your post revisions is performed live and in real-time.” align=”center” imgwidth=”700px” img=””]

We are really excited about this next update, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be just as excited as we are!

We’re committed to furthering our position as the most preferred front-end editor for WordPress. Our history of updates shows that we’re serious, and solidifies our stance as a front-end editor to be taken seriously. We hope you’ll continue to be along for the ride, on the long road to Version One (eta early Fall)!

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