Progress Report at Three Weeks

We released Lasso into the world on my birthday, March 23rd 2015, after nearly six months in development. Since then we’ve sold 18 copies for a grand total of $2869.39 (the majority of those sold within the first week). This month we’ve sold one copy, and have refunded one copy, giving us a total of -$200.  The initial launch rush, we foolishly thought would continue. That’s not the way launches typically work, and we knew that going into this, but I suppose lost sight of that reality.

[aesop_image lightbox=”off” captionposition=”left” caption=”Lasso’s earnings since we launched 19 days ago.” align=”center” imgwidth=”700px” img=””]

This has been a bit discouraging to myself, and our team here at Aesopinteractive, only because we had higher expectations for this. But we’re continuing the march forward. 

What are we doing about it?

A week before launch, we emailed 7-10 people with free copies asking if they’d write about Lasso. We had one not-so-great review on WP Tavern, and a mention in PostStatus notes. We’ve invited a few users to be affiliates, but so far we’ve seen no ads. We’ve introduced a coupon to curb the perceived high cost, but so far there has only been one taker.

A lot of folks have mentioned CodeCanyon, but we refuse to take part in battle-to-the-lowest-price-possible. The stark reality is that if we went with CodeCanyon, they’d price it at about $30. Since we sell elsewhere, we’d get 30% of that sale. We think Lasso is worth a lot more than $10, considering the time it saves from using the backend-post editor.

We’ve considered lowering the price, but that just doesn’t feel right to the product, ourselves, and it’s not fair to those who have already paid what we feel Lasso should be priced at. 

Some of the more promising ideas include providing a complimentary theme with Lasso, as this has been requested. But we don’t want it to be perceived that Lasso is theme dependent. Another thought was to build a few Lasso specific add-ons, and add them to all pricing packages. But, we don’t want to add features just to justify the value. 

There’s a lot we can do, and we’re weighing each option carefully, whilst remaining patient and steadfast.

To summarize

The TL;DR is that our initial launch was great, but sales have slowed and we’re now adapting accordingly. 

Despite the odds, we’re going to keep at it. We’re going to keep emailing people and asking for reviews, we’re going to invest some personal funds for specific ad targeting, and we’re going to keep A/B testing copy and iterating on the site weekly. 

In the end though we really can’t do it without your help!

Share Lasso with your colleagues and friends! Being as small as we are, we really do depend on folks like yourself to spread the word. And, if you have any thoughts, ping us on Twitter! Just hit the share button below, or shoot us an email!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and we really can’t wait for you to see what we have planned next.

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