Lasso 0.9.4 Release Notes

This version of Lasso marks the 5th and biggest update since it’s initial release eight weeks ago. In this update we introduce the ability to set categories and tags, access all posts, create a post from anywhere, and set a featured image all without returning to the WordPress dashboard.

Any Post, Any Time

One of the most frequently requested features was the ability to access all posts without having to return to the WordPress dashboard. In brainstorming the best way to handle this, our primary goal was to keep things incredibly light-weight, especially in cases where a site will have several thousand posts.

[aesop_image lightbox=”off” captionposition=”left” caption=”Access all posts, pages (and custom post types) without returning to the WordPress dashboard.” align=”center” imgwidth=”800px” img=””]

We decided to leverage the WP REST API which is slated to be merged into WordPress core sometime this fall. Utilizing the REST API means that accessing all of your posts and pages will be fast and efficient, without having to utilize PHP for processing these calls. 

Developers can also extend this to include custom post types. Posts can be accessed by the new list icon that’s shown in the toolbar from anywhere on the front-end of your site.

Note: Utilizing the REST API requires the WP REST API plugin which is slated to be merged into WordPress sometime in 2015. 

Post From Anywhere

Since we brought the post listing to the front-end, we figured we might as well add the ability to create a post from anywhere, another commonly requested feature.

[aesop_image lightbox=”off” captionposition=”left” caption=”Create a new post from anywhere on your site from the front-end.” align=”center” imgwidth=”800px” img=””]

Previously, the Lasso toolbar only ran on a single post or page. Now, the toolbar is visible everywhere( so long as the logged in user has the correct permissions). We replaced the new post creation icon, and have now added it next to the post list creation button in the main toolbar.

Together you can access all posts, pages, and create a new post from anywhere on the front-end of your site.

Adding Categories & Tags

We purposefully launched the initial version of Lasso as bare as we could ship it. We really wanted new features to be only added after they were requested enough times to become a solid pattern of need.

[aesop_image lightbox=”off” captionposition=”left” caption=”Adding categories and tags to a post without returning to the backend post editor.” align=”center” imgwidth=”800px” img=””]

Over time it became apparent that in order to not return to the post-editor, we needed to bring everything to the front-end. So in this update, we’re happy to release the ability to add and update post categories and tags.

This setting has been added into the main settings modal, which can be accessed from any post. When you type into the field, you can search for any existing categories or tags, where you can easily select them and save. If they are not present, pressing the spacebar or the enter button will add a category or tag.

Setting the Featured Image

We previously left setting the featured image to themes, as this is technically a theme feature. As time went on, we realized that our thinking wasn’t entirely correct. So with this update we have added the ability to set the featured image within the post settings modal. 

[aesop_image lightbox=”off” captionposition=”left” caption=”Setting a featured has never been so easy, all without returning to your WordPress dashboard.” align=”center” imgwidth=”800px” img=””]

In fact, the entire post settings modal has been redesigned to accommodate both adding categories, tags, and setting a featured image. The ability to set the featured image will only show if the current theme supports post thumbnails.

Clicking the pencil icon will let you select and insert an image, which is saved automatically. You can also delete the featured image, all without returning to the WordPress dashboard.

So Much More!

The bug fixes, updates, and new features in this update are endless! On top of everything above, a long list of refinements that include:

  • adding close button exit the editor
  • CMD + S now saves your post
  • refreshed user-interface colors
  • automatic out-of-the-box theme support with select themes*
  • improved drag-and-drop sensitivity

You can see the full list of additions and changes on our changelog.

* Our current list of supported WordPress themes includes the TwentyXX series, all Aesopinteractive themes, Worldview, Genesis, Camera, Canvas, and Exposure. These themes require no setup, as the settings are detected and applied automatically for you.

Goal: Never Return to Dashboard

As you might have picked up, there’s a recurring theme in this release post. Our goal is to bring Lasso to the point to where you never have to return to the WordPress dashboard again for writing.

And, we’re getting there with these new updates. We’ve even made a lot of progress with brand new settings API built just for developers, also released with this update. With this new API (beta), and a single filter and a callback, you can create custom settings that will show as an additional tab within the settings modal.

This means that you can easily integrate with ACF, Ninja Forms, CMB2, or any other library that makes sense. Integrations aside, you can add your own custom fields and bring post meta to the settings modal as well. Skies the limit!

We hope you really enjoy this update to Lasso. License holders can get this automatic update now within your WordPress dashboard.

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