Lasso 0.9.2 Release Notes

Today we released a pretty major update to Lasso; the result of several weeks of planning and development. While this update doesn’t bring any new features, you should notice an increase in the saving speed, as we’ve re-written the inside of Lasso to be more efficient.

For the developers in the house, let me expound on this. We’ve built a custom internal API for processing front-end requests, instead of always hitting admin-ajax for this. As you may or may not be aware, loading admin-ajax on the front-end of a site has the potential to bring it down. This is due to admin-ajax having to bootstrap all of WordPress. 

This won’t affect a small site with a few folks using Lasso, but if you got it onto a larger install, with several concurrent users at once, it does have the potential to slow things down. With our internal API never hitting admin, we’re pretty confident that Lasso will now perform like a champ on massive WordPress installs. 

Get the automatic update within your WordPress install, or head to your dashboard here on the site and download it now.

Note: props to Josh Pollock for his work on the internal API.

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