Ignoring Items to Save

Lasso works by saving the HTML of your post or page. To be more technical, it saves the HTML of the container that has the Article CSS class you have applied in the settings panel within Lasso.

Sometimes extra items are saved into that HTML, like plugins that insert social sharing buttons. In a perfect world, nothing else lives within that post block except your post content. Ideally, those third party items are appended outside of that container.

However, there are some cases where this isn’t possible, so a couple updates back we introduced a feature to allow Lasso to “ignore” these items when it saves the content.

How it Works

The logic here is quite simple; Lasso removes the items when you enter the editor, so they do not get saved with the post. It’s important to realize that the items are not deleted. They are just temporarily removed. It’s also worth noting that we do not “replace” them (yet) when you exit the editor, until you refresh the page. All of this only affects the person doing the actual editing.

Listing Items to Ignore

This option can be found within the Lasso settings labeled as “Ignored Items to Save.” Here you will put the CSS class or ID of the item. You can list multiple here, just separate them with a comma. 

So for example, Jetpack has a sharing module that’s appended to the content. We can use Chrome Inspector to find this CSS class or ID.

[aesop_image lightbox=”off” captionposition=”left” caption=”Using Chrome Inspector, we can easily locate the CSS class of an item in our post.” align=”center” imgwidth=”700px” img=”https://lasso.is/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/find-jetpack-css-class.gif”]

Locate any items that are in the same container as your Article CSS class. In the example above this class will be .sharedaddy. If you happen to have the related posts module enabled, you’ll also find #jp-relatedposts there as well.

Take these classes, and save them into the Ignored Items to Save field in Lasso’s settings.

[aesop_image lightbox=”off” captionposition=”left” caption=”List any classes under the Ignored Items to Save option, separated by a comma.” align=”center” imgwidth=”700px” img=”https://lasso.is/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Image-2015-05-08-at-8.16.32-AM.png”]

Just a heads up, we support these items by default, so you do not need to actually list these specific items in Lasso settings. We will detect and remove related posts and social.

Now, when you enter the editor in Lasso, the sharing module will be temporarily removed while editing.


There are some edge-case instances where this technique will not work. One such example is if Javascript is dynamically applying CSS classes to any items within the post container. Some fancy themes with fancy layouts and animations do this. Those CSS classes are not meant to be there all the time, which is why they are applied dynamically with Javascript.

Unfortunately right now Lasso will just save those classes. We’re exploring ways of somehow “bypassing” things like this, and will eventually introduce a way of combating this in the near future.


If there are items that are being saved along with your post, use the Ignore Items feature and list those classes so that Lasso will remove them when you enter the editor. By default we automatically support Jetpack Social, and Related Posts (in the next update) modules.

There are some themes that dynamically insert CSS classes on items within the post container, and right now Lasso has no way to ignore these items. However, there is hope as we have several ideas, and will eventually release a way to combat this. The good news is that the majority of WordPress themes do not do this. If you’re wondering if your theme is compatible with Lasso, just email us with a link and we’ll be happy to review it and let you know!

Happy writing!

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