A running list of the improvements, bug fixes, and other updates that have been made to Editus since it's inception.

Current Version: 1.7.1

== Changelog ==
= 1.7.1
* Bug fix for the link button under the popup mode

= 1.7.0
* Shortcode frontend editing

= 1.5.1
* Support for Gutenberg list blocks

= 1.5.0
* Allowing the component pop up when using a keyboard without a mouse

= 1.4.9
* Improved compatibility with standard WP blocks

= 1.4.5
* NEW: Optional Paragraph component
* Further changes for the popup menu option
* Timeline Component Fix

= 1.4.3
* NEW: Text popup menu option
* A fix for custom post types

= 1.4.1
* A bug fix for simple image component
* NEW: Setting to change the placeholder text for new posts

= 1.4.0
* NEW: Custom Taxonomy Support Option

= 1.3.10
* Partial support for Gutenberg Cover Block
* Fixed the issue where the component controls were disappearing after saving

= 1.3.8
* Support for Gutenberg Image Block
* Fixed the issue that custom post types could not save custom fields
* Component bug fixes

= 1.3.6
* The table component component right click menu now supports deleting the table
* Minor bug fixes

= 1.3.5
* Fix for simple image components
* New option to auto-prefix links with http://

= 1.3.4
* More non-Aesop image component options

= 1.3.3
* More non-Aesop image component options
* Support for More Tag
* Compatibility bug fixes

= 1.3.2
* Component Settings Fixes

= 1.3.0
* NEW option to edit excerpts
* NEW new options for non-Aesop image components

= 1.2.9
* Bug fix for custom fields

= 1.2.8
* New optional table component

= 1.2.6
* UI customization fixes

= 1.2.5
* Fix for gallery create/update
* Allow component icon color customization
* Further Gutenberg compatibility work

= 1.2.4
* Fix for post settings
* Further Gutenberg compatibility work

= 1.2.3
* Fix for Aesop Image component

= 1.2.2
* PHP error fix

= 1.2.1
* Some JS fixes

= 1.2.0
* Support for multi-page posts

= 1.1.11
* Fix for multiple users trying to edit the same post at the same time
* Changed the behavior when the user deletes all text while using the editor.

= 1.1.10
* Styles fixes for mobile

= 1.1.9
* Now you can use Ctrl+SPACE to remove formatting from selected text.

= 1.1.8
* A bug fix in the component editor

= 1.1.7
* Support for WP Column and Spacer blocks.

= 1.1.6
* Fix for the map component.

= 1.1.5
* Fix for searching and auto save.

= 1.1.4
* Added a filter for the table html codes

= 1.1.3
* Fix for the \”Click\” UI setting
* Fix for custom fields

= 1.1.2
* Fix for multi-sites

= 1.1.1
* Added Icons for OL and UL for the toolbar
* German translation update

= 1.1.0
* NEW: OL and UL buttons to create lists.

* Fix for post locking
* Further AJAX changes

= 1.0.8
* Added the delete post button to mobile

= 1.0.7
* Fix for meta information saving

= 1.0.6
* Fix for Status saving and component insertion

= 1.0.5
* Fix for Aesop Gallery component
* German language support

= 1.0.4
* Fix for draft posts when preview setting is required

= 1.0.3 =
* Added the delete post button
* Option to disable \”Pending\” status
* More changes for custom fields

= 1.0.2 =
* Changes for custom fields: New \”Disable Post Edit\” Option

= 1.0.1 =
* A new option setting to make links editable under the Edit mode
* Fixed a bug with multiple custom field entries

= 1.0.0 =
* Added new UI color customization options
* The Post Settings button is now available under the edit mode
* Fixed a bug with automatically entering the edit mode
* Copy and paste from MS Word strips the formatting
* Fixed a bug with the new post dialog

= =
* Fixed a bug for non-English installation

= =
* A \”Contributor\” can now create posts, just not publish

= =
* Posts can be now set to \”Pending\”

= =
* Fixed some issues with BR tags

= =
* UI and language file adjustment

= =
* NEW UI option to automatically add a Component button to an empty paragraph
* Now Insert HTML box can accept a URL to embed, such as Youtube, Twitter etc.

= =
* NEW UI option to switch from Drag-Drop to simple click for inserting components
* Fix for shortcode features on the insert HTML button

= =
* A bug fix for Quote when ASE is not installed
* Some mobile fixes

= =
* Post setting dialog fix for mobile

= =
* An error fix for tags/categories

= =
* Improved the Aesop Component properties handling
* Fixed some compatibility issues with certain themes.

= =
* Fixed a style bug with the category editing.

= =
* Fixed a bug with the Set Date codes.
* Changed the way PASTE works when the source is an HTML code.

= =
* Fixed a bug that happens when the \”Post\” type is not selected under the \”Enable for\” options
* Added an option allow users to create new categories for posts.

= =
* Changed the code to obtain the REST API root

= =
* A JS bug fix.

= =
* Added support for subtitle editing, for Aesop themes and the Subtitle ( plugin.
* Added an option to enable changing post dates using the Post Setting dialog
* Changed the AJAX code to hide the tour dialog

= =
* Added Twitter handling codes
* Tour dialog uses REST API to save settings
* More social share plugins supported.

= =
* Added lasso_wrap_shortcode_exceptions filter
* Fixed a bug where you could delete readonly elements by selecting and hitting
a key other than BS and DEL.

= =
* Adjusted the content filter so it can filter shortcode content

= =
* Added lasso_required_plugins filter

= =
* A bug fix for multisite installation.
* A bug fix for page list.
* Added a way to add a filter to the save operation.

= =
* Option to work with custom fields from frontend: (
* Improvement to the Undo behavior.
* A bug fix for shortcode handling
* Aesop event support

= =
* More fix for custom post types
* New option to set the tag for the \”Italic\” style

= =
* Fix for post delete
* Settings page update. New option to set the tag for the \”Bold\” style
* Added style to hide controls from printing

= =
* Insert HTML button can now process 3rd party shortcodes

= =
* The Post List dialog now displays draft posts
* The Post List dialog now displays custom post types properly.

= =
* Editus tag classes now removed when saving
* Fixed support email

= =
* Fixed a bug involving an empty post
* Fixed the icon file missing.

= =
* Inserting H2 and H3 now also inserts p tags
* Fixed the tour dialog getting stuck at loading
* Fixed an issue where a component somtimes goes invisible after editing
* All contenteditable attributes removed before being saved

= =
* Fixed a bug where shortcodes were not properly restored while saving using REST API
* Links are now always clickable.

= =
* Aesop Video Component is now updated using AJAX
* Fix for the publish button

= =
* Fixed an issue with saving post titles
* Aesop Content Component is now updated using AJAX
* UI fixes for small mobile devices

= =
* Now Editus uses REST API to save posts when it can.
* REST API saving can also be disabled from the options.
* Addressed the issue where cursor jumps when pasting texts.
* Filters \\\’ in components when edited. Filters it back to single apostrophe

= =
* Fixed an issue with REST API codes causing an error during the loading of javascripts.
* Fixes for dialog text colors on certain themes.
* Dialog behaviors improved for mobile platforms.

= =
* Fixed some styling issues for mobile.
* Fixed an issue in third party shortcode handling.

= =
* Save removes html comments

= =
* Added REST API v2 support
* Added codes to check if someone else is editing the post/page.
* Fixed a bug automatically entering Edit Mode when it shouldn\’t.

= =
* Fixed some issues with \”Read Only\” item options
* Added an option to show the \”Ignored Items\” and keep them read only

= =
* Aesop Hero Gallery has been added
* Fixed several issues with Gallery AJAX update
* When a new post is created Editus automatically enters Edit Mode

= =
* Added an option to open a link a new browser tab.

= =
* Now Gallery components update without having to reload the page, using AJAX.
* Also fixed a bug in gallery image update.

= =
* Major new features in Beta:
* Added Color Text Button Options.
* Added Text Alignment Button Options.

= =
* Added a new option to set non-editable elements that are parts of the post.
* Live update improvement for Video Component.

= =
* Restored mobile support, for both phones and tablets
* A few more style fixes

= =
* Fixed a FireFox bug where links could not be inserted
* Fixed a bug involving texts without any tags, resulting in the first lines disappearing
* Further style fixes
* New components shows setting dialogs when inserted for more intuitive user interface
* Added Auto Save option
* Disabled for mobile devices for now.
* Added Aesop Gallery Pop support

= =
* Fixed the error reporting for AJAX calls
* Fixed the short code wrapping for non core Aesop components
* Fixed a bug with creating gallery

= =
* replaced the deprecated JQuery calls to live()

= =
* fixed a bug in the shortcode saving codes
* some form style and color adjustments

= =
* added the following filter:
* fixed a bug in adding a custom type post

= =
* added the following hooks:
* Tour dialog loading code has been changed.

= =
* multi-site menu restored
* added an option to specify gallery name while creating a new gallery.

= =
* fixed unsaved data check
* swapping gallery updates the images in the gallery sidebar
* added button to create gallery to the gallery sidebar.

= =
* fixed some styling issues where edit boxes and some buttons were not readable under certain themes
* fixed the issue where featured images were not updated in the post settings dialog box
* Editus now auto-detects article class if it\’s .entry-content
* Editus now auto-detects title class if it\’s .entry-header
* most short codes are now preserved (props Rouven Hurling)
* multi-site menu has been changed (props Philipp Stracker)
* post type issue with non-english sites fixed (props Philipp Stracker)

= =
* fixed references to

= = Oct 8 2015 =

* fixed a capability issue that was allowing contributors to edit other users posts

= 0.9.8 = Aug 14 2015

* renamed Lasso to Editus

= 0.9.7 = July 30 2015

* updated TGM Plugin Activation to latest (props Ahmad Awais)

* improved live editing video source switching in Video Component

* added dismissible license notices if license is not supplied, expired, or invalid

* fixed a capability issue with saving that was introduced with WordPress 4.2.3 (props Josh Polluck)

= 0.9.6 = June 30 2015

* added the ability to access and restore post and page revisions

* fixed a bug introduced on the last update with new posts/pages being duplicated when created

* fixed authors not being able to publish posts

* fixed a bug with Lasso Meta API not saving

= 0.9.5 = June 17 2015

* added ability to search posts and pages within the all posts modal

* added abilty to choose post type to create within new post creation modal

* component now slides into view on settings click

* fixed bug with video component not switching providers

* fixed bug with galleries not saving gallery images properly

* improved Meta API for developers wishing to integrate within Lassos post settings

* mobile style improvement – props @peiche

= = May 28th 2015

* fixed bug with automatic updates – props @pippinsplugins

* fixed bug with admins not seeing all posts in addition to their own

= 0.9.4 = May 26 2015

* WARNING – PHP 5.4 or higher required!!

* added ability to access and delete posts and pages (and custom post types with a filter) from the front-end (requires the WP REST API plugin). If the user is an Author or Contributor they will only be shown their posts or pages.

* added ability to add a post from anywhere on the site

* added ability to set featured image within settings modal if current theme supports post thumbnails

* added ability to add categories and tags within settings modal

* added CMD + S hot key to save post while in editor

* added a close button to exit the editor

* added a new API to allow third-party addons to add new settings modals (beta). They appear as a tab and work with only a filter. This is in preparation for releasing ACF, CMB2, and Ninja Forms integration addons.

* added Canvas and Exposure themes to automatic theme support

* fixed bug with tour hide not calculating correctly

* fixed bug with Author or Contributor roles not being able to put a post in draft

* fixed options not being cleaned up on uninstall

* improved automatic theme support means supported themes work out of the box with no setup

* improved user interface colors to better match WordPress design patterns

* improved drag and drop detection between paragraphs

* improved toolbar width logic – props @peiche

* improved CSS selector performance

* replaced tour GIFs with images

= 0.9.3 = April 26th 2015

* fixed .entry-content being applied as a default Article CSS Class

* allow escaping the warning modal that warns users if no Article CSS class is present

* fixed image control setting with images inserted without Aesop Story Engine active

* fixed featured image not being saved

= 0.9.2 = April 14th 2015

* fixed links not working if editor was active but not in use

* massive internal rewrite to use a custom API for processing requests instead of hitting admin-ajax. This increases the saving speed and ensures compatibility for very large WordPress installations and Enterprise users. Tested and working on WordPress MU, Apache, Nginx , and HHVM.

= = March 28th 2015

* fixed a js error that happened if an uploaded media item wasn\’t large enough to be resized to large

= 0.9.1 = March 27th 2015

* added ability to insert standard WordPress images and blockquote. If Aesop Story Engine is activated, it replaces these with Aesop Story Engine\’s story components.

* fixed css class names in toolbar components not being namespaced

* better iOS compatibility with editing toolbar

* removed H2 and H3 buttons from the insert HTML area if Extended Toolbar is selected as its redundant(Extended Toolbar puts H2, and H3 buttons into the toolbar)

* clarified in the instructions that the article class name in the settings should include the preceding dot

* if an embedded Tweet is in the content, we now remove it when you enter the editor so it\’s not save as HTML. In a future update, we plan to actually have some type of live ombed parsing system. This is a good fix for the time being.

* prepended a ul class to ul.editor-controls and ul.editor-component-controls as well as set letter-spacing to 0 in hopes of clearing up theme CSS conflicting with Lasso CSS. Normally this is bad practice (ul.this), but it\’s better than applying !important.

= 0.9 = March 21st 2015

* fixed a capability issue where contributors were allowed to publish posts

* class visibility methods

= 0.8.8 = March 19th 2015

* added an alert that pops up if the user tries to use the editor but hasn\’t added the required Article Class in order to use Lasso

* added all Aesop built themes to automatically supported themes list

* updated pot file

= 0.8.7 = March 16th 2015

* added a new option that lets you list CSS classes of items to ignore on save. This makes Lasso compatible wity 99.99% of all WordPress themes

= 0.8.6 = March 12th 2015

* new pre-flight function to check to ensure plugin settings are configured

* added automatic theme support for WordPress core themes and UpThemes

* added a new define define(\’LASSO_AGENCY_MODE\’) which removes the license page and links out to Lasso website

* added a new tab for Lasso to hold the status page, license page, and settings

* added new license menu page in preperation of the public launch of this plugin

* fixed an issue with the height in the Tour slider sometimes not calculating correctly

* fixed a permission issue where a user was allowed to edit another users posts. we were using edit_posts and switched to edit_post

= 0.8.5 = March 8th 2015

* misc bug fixes

* removed the \”url helper\” field for creating new posts as it was confusing some users

* added helper text to the field for creating new posts as a better visual guide

* new activation welcome screen in WordPress

* fixed the content component from not correctly saving

* added two actions: lasso_editor_controls_before && lasso_editor_controls_after

* added two css classes that get applied to the body when a featured thumbnail is added or removed : lasso-post-thumb-added && lasso-post-thumb-removed