Product Policy

Our policy covering refunds, updates, licenses, and other important legal type information that you might want to know.

License Key

Your product license key is good until one year after your purchase, and is required for updates and support. After one year has passed, your license key may be renewed at 30% of the current product cost.


Support is offered via email to those with a current license.


Refunds are offered up to 30 days after purchase, and only after you have allowed us to work with you to solve the reported problem through our support email. No refunds are offered if you do not “use the product,” and digital products cannot be “returned.” Refunds will also not be offered due to lack of understanding of the product (e.g. our plugin cannot be uploaded to your site). Editus has a demo page  where you can try it out before you buy it before purchasing. It is assumed that you have visited this demo, have read the FAQ, and have determined that Editus is a good fit for you.


Product updates are offered for up to one year after your purchase. Updates are delivered automatically through your WordPress administration area, so long as you have entered your license key. A license key is provided to you at checkout, listed in your email receipt, as well as in your dashboard here on site. Enter your license key into the “License” page under the “Editus” tab within the WordPress dashboard.